"Built For Greatness" a company established in 2016 geared towards the undeveloped artist, was once only focused on helping others achieve the impossible through collaborative efforts and the proper development and education of artists, songwriters, and musicians.   

Now in 2019 B.F.G. is an American Record Indie Label (B.F.G. Records) that continues those same efforts along with the benefits and credentials of a record label. B.F.G. maintains a keen interest in discovering new talent.  

Our Mission:   

Our mission is to unlock the potential of new artist with piercing and developing their talents, giving them the ability to be groomed in learning the correct ways of the music business and continue to flourish in the industry.  

What is the goal of our record label?  

Our goal is to market recorded music and corresponding content, that engages in a wide range of functions in the music industry. Our interest is to target new and multi-talented artist for recruitment and development (known as A&R, which stands for artist and repertoire), that will include music publishing, and copyright enforcement. We are committed to developing into one of the most significant Indie labels in the business. Our home office is in Tennessee, with offices in other regions of the United States